Fox T

Fox T is the next step for Nanolight trikes for those who want to feel
the real pleasure and ease of flying.

  • It's a completely different feeling when to fly, because Fox is slow, quiet and manoeuvrable. Fly with such a wing is really fun. Weaker feel turbulence, wing be easily absorbed so you can fly as relaxed as possible. Fox T has been developed from the wing for beginners Target 16 and adapted exclusively for flying Nanolight tricycle.
  • Technical information

  • Rozložená plocha 16,2 m2
  • Rozpätie 9,6 m
  • Kĺzavosť 5,7
  • Uhol nosa 120°
  • Váha 26 Kg
  • Zbalená dĺžka 5,7/3,8 m
  • min. rýchlosť 33 Km/h
  • max. rýchlosť 70 km/h
  • Max. závesné zaťaženie 155 km/h