Trikes Joker

Joker trikes provide above standard connection of aerodynamics,
functionality, comfort and modern design.

  • Comfort in the Trike

  • High-quality seat upholstery, adjustable foot control
    enabling a tall pilot to hide his knees behind the windshield.
  • Weight of the Trikes

  • A frame made of duralumin D16T tubes and welded steel parts and laminate
    casing which results in the trike weight,  with no engine,
    instrumentation and rescue system, equal to 61kg.
  • Aerodynamics

  • The trike is slim, extended in length which results in low frontal resistance. 
    The large lateral surface of the rear part and the rudders on the casings 
    of the rear wheels provide the trike with great directional stability 
    and pleasing behaviour in turns.

  • Well-upholstered seats and adjustable foot control enable a tall pilot to hide his knees behind the windshield. A frame made of D16T duralumin tubes and welded steel parts ensure high strength and elasticity. The trike design is formed by laminate casing. The trike is slim which results in low frontal resistance. The large lateral surface behind the centre of gravity and the rudders on the wheel guards ensure the great directional stability and pleasing behaviour of the trike in turns.  
  • Our trikes can be combined with all wings of the Aeros company. Engine equipment upon customer's request - Rotax or Hirth engines with a power output from 50 to 100 Hp. The construction of a single seat version Joker Mono is the same as the construction of a double seat version. Due to its low weight combined with a suitable engine the trike is classified as a microlight trike.

Technical information

JokerTrike Profi TL

Length x width x height3,45x1,8x2,25m (Lenght in long version 3,57m)
Crusing speed85 km/h
Maxim speed140 km/h
Minimum speed70 km/h
EngineRotax 912 UL 2
Fuel capacity42 l
AirframeAl tube
PropellerCopmosite 3 blades
Take of Roll70 m
Landing roll150 m


  • EFIS/EMS – Integra TL 6624
    Com radio – DITTEL Avionik KRT 2 MiniElectrik starter
    Drum brakes fo main gear


  • Landing light
    Electrik trim
    Hydraulic brakes for the main gear
    Metalic Color
    Adjustable foot control
    Instructor accessories
    Landing lights
    Position lights
    Flashing lights
    Rescue system Phantom 450 

Joker Trike Mono (single-seater)

Single-seater of Joker Mono is the same construction as the double-seater version of JokerTrike. Microlight category is characterized by the low motor weight.

  • Motor HE 220, weight 61 kg, Compatible with wings Aeros Discus, Fox T, Combat