Kite buggy Joker

Kite Buggy NORMAN is designed for advanced riders but thanks to perfect driveability on a solid surface and the terrain is suitable for beginners.

  • Provides great driving comfort 20x10-8 tires. The rear axle is 130 cm and 170 cm wheels. Koslov wheelbase of 135 cm. Wheelbase and wheels Rear axle can be adjusted to measure.
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Weight design: 9 kg
  • Wheels: Titan Turf Trac - designed for a variety of substrates and varying terrain. Titan Tire Turf Trac is suitable for our buggy because it causes minimal rolling resistance and 4 layers dhlú lifetime guarantee. Can be attached to a plastic sheet or tubeless disc with a diameter of 8 "
  • Bigfoot wheels Price: 820, - €
  • Price narrow wheels: 620, - €