About the company JOKERTRIKE

The company JOKERTRIKE s.r.o was founded in 2005 as a manufacturing company focused on single-part and small-series production of machined parts for the engineering, automotive and aerospace industries. 

The company provides demanding Slovak and foreign customers with high-quality CNC machining, turning and milling with high precision and quality.

The CNC machining centres are operated by experienced production and technical staff which handle demanding and complicated single-part or series production. In addition to CNC machining, the company JOKERTRIKE also specializes in the development and production of sport flying equipment, such as two-seater engine hang-gliders, single-seater engine hang-gliders, but especially the absolute novelty on the market – the gyroplane JOKER.

How our vision began

The top management, Executive Head Mr. Jindřich Záhumenský
 and Director and Chief Designer in one person Mr. Ondrej Jančovič have been passionate pilots for many years. They started to develop and manufacture sport flying equipment mainly because of their love for flying. They had the idea of creating something new, more efficient and timeless, because they saw a great deal of room to improve existing products. 

In 2007

As the first, in 2007, they developed a two-seater motorized hang-glider with tandem arrangement of seats, the type JokerTRIKE PROFI which is currently successfully sold in Estonia, the USA, Germany and the Philippines. The excellence of this hang-glider is its adaptability for landing on water.
Next in line was the single-seater hang-glider JokerMONO, which, thanks to its low weight, belongs to the category - microlight. 

In 2014

the conditions for certification in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements for metal machining were met. In October 2015, the company JOKERTRIKE introduced for the first time the gyroplane Joker together with the engine hang-glider at the aviation exhibition CIGAC 2015 in the China town XIAN. The introduction of the gyroplane was a great success and many companies showed interest in detailed information and cooperation.

In 2016

is planned certification of the gyroplane Joker in DULV. The company JOKERTRIKE is considering to move in the future a part of its production to China.

In 2012

In 2012, the company JOKERTRIKE, together with its German partner MST Gmbh, started to develop the gyroplane. This innovative product is unique not only because of its timeless design, but also due to many technical improvements and the price level that set it apart from its competitors. 
The new gyroplane Joker ranks to the elite of the new gyroplane era. It is designed to meet even the most demanding requirements for the comfort of the crew, but at the same time to excel its excellent flight characteristics. The tilt cabin provides comfort boarding and deplane, while the large plexiglass cover area offers unobstructed panoramic views for the crew. The ergonomic adjustable seats and sliding pedals can adapt to any type of de pilot build. The excellent weight of the gyroplane 270 Kg and the use of ROTAX engines with power from 100 to 130 HP classifies it as the top in its category. 

The chassis is of a three-wheel type with a steered front wheel and braked by both main wheels. The basic structure consists of duralumin tubes of D-16T material which is characterized by high strength and flexibility. The main chassis consists of a laminate spring which filters out roughness excellently.

The hang-gliders JokerTRIKE are equipped with an integrated digital instrument for flight and engine running indication, with a radio station, intercom, navigation equipment and the rescue system PHANTOM 450. The used wing from the manufacturer AEROS PROFI 14 TL, powerful engine ROTAX 912 UL/A/F80 HP and propeller AEROLUX ALC3L make the best solution for achieving high speeds of the hang-glider. 

The complete chassis is bonneted with a non-bearing several-piece bonnet, which provides convenient access to the engine and equipment. This set underwent testing at high speeds of up to 170 km/h. It passed the evaluation according to the regulation LZ-2MZK, issued by the Air Amateur Association of the Slovak Republic and DULV (Germany), including the strength and static load, where it fully complied.

The hang-glider has one fuel tank of the capacity 42.5 litres. The tank is located at the back of the seat and is easily accessible. The equipment can fly 500 km for one tank filling. It needs a runway of only 70 m and 150 m for landing.

The gyroplane technical parameters

 The supporting structure welded of steel tubes 25CrMo 4 NBK which with a low weight provides its high strength and safety. In the tail and cabin manufacture, composite materials of glass and carbon fibres of a sandwich structure were used. It needs 70 m to take off and 0 - 5 metres for landing. 
The tank capacity is 90 litres. The flying range for one tank filling is approx. 500 km. 

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